Doozy Candle is wax art that creates an ambiance like nothing else!

Come into the light...

Prized for their ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC value, every DOOZY CANDLE is truly unique - no two are alike.

Best burning, best glowing since 1969.



About Doozy Candle

About Doozy Candle

Doozy Candles are handcrafted in Chelsea Quebec, using only the highest quality food-grade paraffin wax, dyes and lead-free wicks. Our unique three-day production process ensures the brightest colours, most intriguing patterns, and the longest burning life possible.

While no step in the candle making process is too complicated, the entire process takes about 2 years to learn. It takes skill, patience, creativity and a lot of manual labour to make each Doozy candle.

The secret to a Doozy’s longevity is the concentric, core-burning design within our unique shell that will not leak. As the candle burns, the glowing effect intensifies and the colours become more prominent. The shell outlives the original wick by several times, and while larger Doozy’s may be refilled and re-wicked in our atelier, Doozy Candles retain their functionality as a votive candleholder, vase or decorative container.

Refill – Reuse – Recycle