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Unlike other Pillar candles,our pillar candle burns a concentric core down the centre and the outside design glows in the dark while it burns.
The pillar candle is refillable in our Atelier and is reusable after it finishes burning with smaller candles placed in the recessed centre.

SMALL – burn approx. 50 hours – 4″ diameter x 3.5″ tall OR 10.16 cm diameter x 8.89 cm tall – 1.2 LBS

MEDIUM – burn approx. 75 hours – 4″ diameter x 4.5″ tall OR 10.16 cm  diameter x 11.43 cm tall – 1.6 LBS

LARGE – burn approx. 100 hours – 4″ diameter x 5″ tall OR 10.16 cm diameter x 12.7 cm tall – 2 LBS

XLG – burn approx. 300 hours – 6″ diameter x 7″ tall OR 15.24 cm diameter x 17.78 cm tall – 5.8 LBS

Really like the place. Their Candle are really nice. They have so many choices. We will go back for sure.
Stephan B
Bel atelier-boutique, chacune de leurs chandelles est une oeuvre d'art autant par leurs couleurs que leurs multiples senteurs! Et comme pour tout oeuvre d'art, c'est certain que vous payerai un peu plus!
Agnes Ygorra
Beautiful candles
Neil Rask
Produits superbes, employé.e.s courtois.es qui sont de bon conseil. Coup de coeur depuis plusieurs années pour moi!
Hétoum Misirliyan
I liked the place- dedicated to candles, naturally made ones of their own. On the pricier side with a slew of options.
sd dj
Neat little candle shop. Friendly service.
Duster Moustachio

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