Doozy Candle is wax art that creates an ambiance like nothing else!

Come into the light...

Prized for their ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC value, every DOOZY CANDLE is truly unique - no two are alike.

Best burning, best glowing since 1969.





“We absolutely love our new candle!!! And we know his eminence will too. Thank  you from the bottom of our hearts… you are wonderful people and great artisans.”
~ Father David, Erica and Eleanor,
Provincial Office, Jesuits in English Canada.


“Love your store. Thanks for your help today. The 2 Xmas Fat Boys and 4 other candles are perfect. I am coming back for more!”
~ Mike Hendley, Ottawa Ontario


“Best candle shop in the Ottawa region.”
~ Claude Garand, Chelsea Québec


“Beautiful, beautiful shop, just love it!!!”
~ Faye Mahon, Wakefield Québec


“The more you know about a Doozy, the greater your respect for its quality and the craftsmanship that goes into its design and manufacture. But it’s in the burning of a Doozy that you get the full sensory pleasure and unequalled ambience of candle lighting.”
~ Katie Diamond, Chelsea Québec


A poem for Doozy, by Sarah Gravelle.

Your many colours shine so bright
The scent you have is just right
enjoyable day, evening and night

Your lantern-like glow
calm as deer in the meadow
beautiful like winter’s snow

You’re refillable
as well as reusable
that’s why you’re irresistible

Found where people are kind
your concentric burning design
intrigues my mind

You’re something extraordinary
made for anybody