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Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Looking for something very special? Is there a wedding being planned in your future?

Join the dozens of couples who have found the perfect way to set their event apart and aglow with candle light by Doozy Candle. We have created theme and colour designed lanterns and wedding bonbonnières (guest gifts) that have graced the tables of outdoor events by the seaside, the Great Hall of the Museum of History, hotels, golf clubs, churches banquet halls etc…

Your candles can be custom-designed to your colours and you choose the fragrance (if any) that best represents you. This will complement your decor and give you unmatched ambiance. Lantern candles are made recessed so that the flame is enclosed in the candle to maximize the glowing effect for the event and so that the candle does not have an open flame to meet most municipal fire codes for public buildings.

Our designers take their cue from you and can faithfully replicate colours to 90% of your original colour scheme.

Whatever your wedding theme, Doozy Candle has the artistic and creative ability to capture it in candles made specifically for your special day.

You can also highlight that special evening in your guests hearts and minds by offering a small memento candle (bonbonnière) as a special gift.