Doozy Candle is wax art that creates an ambiance like nothing else!

Come into the light...

Prized for their ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC value, every DOOZY CANDLE is truly unique - no two are alike. They burn great too.

Best burning, best glowing since 1969.



Sizes and Scents

Candle Sizes

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SIZE Burn time
CHUNKS (2.5″ x 2.5″) 24 hours*
MINI (4″ x 3.5″) 50 hours*
MIDI (4″ x 4.5″) 75 hours*
DOOZY (4″ x 5″) 100 hours*
*Average burn time.

Shipping and Handling

We ship our candles all around the world. The cost of shipping is dependent on weight, size of package and where you live.

We use Canada Post for our shipping and handling needs and have been satisfied with their service. Your order is automatically insured for orders under $100. If your purchase is more than $100, Doozy is happy to insure your package for you.

CONTACT US for more details, we will be glad to help.